Virginia History Hunt October 2018 Highlights

Every hunt is full of surprises and this one was no exception. The weather was almost perfect for being in the great outdoors and the crew took full advantage of it.

Discoveries ranged in age from the 1600s to the 1900s and included some true rarities. Pictured above are just a handful of the notable finds, including: Civil War Union Eagle Infantry coat button; Pre-Civil War Eagle Voltigeurs vest button; Civil War Confederate "Lined I" local infantry coat button; War of 1812 Navy overcoat button; one-piece pre-Civil War Navy cuff button; 1779 Spanish silver half reale with hole; Virginia store token good for $2.00 in trade; mid-1600s brass trefid spoon handle; 1850s cross belt plate issued to the Virginia Militia and used in the Civil War by Virginia Confederate Troops; 1854 Large Cent (one of four found in a small area); personalized pocket watch cover; mid-1600s spectacle buckle fragment; small coin silver thimble; and a three penny bullion weight.

Not pictured are a large assortment of other relics and at least 10 Indian head pennies that were found by the group.

Congrats to the team of six on a great outing!

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