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We provide guided small group metal detecting tours on well-researched, historic, private properties through partnerships with landowners.

Our tours take groups to England, rural Virginia, historic beaches, and the Deep South. Our clients are taught the history of the lands and are able to choose from multiple properties. We pride ourselves in providing an authentic experience.



“ I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be able to dig a 1600s pit. This hunt was one of the best I have ever been on. It was a lot of fun digging beside you and knowing you were just as excited as I was to see what would come out next.”                            

Dennis W.

“These hunts are truly spectacular! Sal puts us on some incredible lands. I have made some amazing finds.”

                                                     Scott C.

“Each trip just gets better and better. Can't wait 'til my next trip.”

                                                    Mike C.


"Thanks for running such first class relic hunts. Good honest hunting on awesome land."

Jerry S.


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