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Authentic experiences metal detecting history.​


​History Hunts is an adventure tourism company founded by Sal Guttuso. After several years in the corporate world, trying to squeeze in time for a passion for metal detecting, he changed his lifestyle and committed himself to sharing that passion with others.

Clients are able to enjoy small group hunts on lands steeped in history. We lease properties from private landowners for our groups and are always adding new land. We limit our number of tours per year based on land availability. Tours typically include lodging, detecting, and sometimes meals. Clients also benefit from Sal's lifetime experience of researching and detecting. We run our tours with an emphasis on ethical detecting practices, such as abiding local laws, recording find locations, and adding to the archaeological record. 


We operate hunts in several southern states where we focus on Civil War and Colonial sites, but we detect the world, including the history-rich fields surrounding Colchester, England.  We recommend first joining our group on Facebook "History Hunts Metal Detecting Group," then join the History Hunt Club if you decide you would like to take part in future hunts.  (UPDATE - the History Hunt Club membership is full for the year 2023)

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