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Metal detect and see the world. This hobby takes us to some pretty cool places as we search for history.


From Colonial settlements to the Civil War and beyond, the state of Virginia has plenty of history, and much of it can be found in the rural countryside where soldiers marched and early families made their homes. Join us as we detect private properties with history underfoot. Our clients have made bucketlist finds and found friends in the hobby on our Virginia hunts. They find Union and Confederate relics, including bullets, buttons, plates, and other accoutrements, as well as an array of coins and homesite artifacts. These hunts are usually three or four days, with the option of staying a full week on occassion. 


Dectorists longing to find ancient artifacts get their pouch-full on our England trips. We have access to thousands of acres surrounding the city of Colechester, the oldest recorded town in Britian. Clients stay in self-catering lodges, where we assist with identifiying and exporting finds following the UK Treasure Act. They dig up coins and artifacts from the Bronze Age to modern times (that's a potential of 4,000 years of metal). This is typically a week-long hunt, although many customers choose to extend that to two weeks. We run two to four weeks in the fall season (late September, October, early November) and again in the spring (March). Click here to explore recent Colchester finds and get a feel for the UK detecting experience.

The Deep South, Texas, and the West

We host Metal Detecting trips to the Deep South, where the Western Theater of the Civil War took its toll on Southern soil, and out West for gold nuggets. In Texas we search for the long lost campsites of Native Americans. We are always adding new terrain.

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