Early Spring 2020 Virginia History Hunt Highlights

Right before this virus took hold in our great country, we held two back to back three day metal detecting tours for a team of 6 History Hunters. These had been on the books for a long time so I was thankful we didn't have to cancel. I was planning on waiting until the next two back to back hunts were done before doing a wrap up but Covid-19 had other plans for us. I should be on location now making the final preparations for those hunts but for the sake of everyone's well being we decided to put all hunts on pause until this threat has passed. Its killing me not to be out there right now! So with that said, here's the wrap up. These two hunts featured some beautiful weather and rare di

Civil War Union Eagle Breastplate Found and Restored!

Today, Washington Tom sent me some pictures of the Union breastplate that he found while on one of our metal detecting tours in December of 2019. At first glance I couldn't believe my eyes. As some of you may remember, Tom found this plate in a plowed field and the plow had given it the appearance of a taco. It was so folded in that for a while no one had any idea what it was. When we got back to the lodge that night we carefully removed some of the dirt to reveal the wings of an eagle inside of the taco! After the hunt Tom set out to find a way to restore this historic treasure back to its original state. This would be where Leonard Short would come into the story. Leonard restores

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