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May 2013 England History Hunt Summary

Man oh man! Where to begin. We had one hell of a hunt. We started with the M25 shut down and grid lock traffic. Four hours later we were on the fields and hunting. It didnt take long before the boys were hooting and hollering. This was a great group of hardcore detectorists. We hunted 12+ hours per day and I did not hear one complaint. There's no shortage of daylight this time of year so we only broke out our headlamps once. We had loads of laughs back at the barn along with a couple of cold beverages. Everyone on the team made some great finds and together we had an amazing hunt in my book. This was in spite of our team being one hunter short of a regular barn team. The team again: Italy John Bavaria Terry Cal George Mississippi Chip Colorado Chris Here were some of our find counts for the week: Hammered Silver Coins: 45 Roman Silver Coins: 3 Gold Coin: 1 Roman Bronze Coins: 50+ Celtic Bronze Coin: 1 Milled Silver Coins: 21 Gold Ring: 1 Silver Ring Treasure: 1 Fibula Brooches: 4 Medieval Seal Matrix: 2 This hunt was a total blast. We'll be heading back in a few months and still have a few open spots. If you're interested in learning more about how to join us on one of these adventures contact me, Sal at .

Current Fall England History Hunt Dates and Availability:

Week 1: Oct 19 - 26 (Maryland Scott, Maryland Jerry, Canadian Drew + 3 spots) Week 2: Oct 26 - Nov 2 (Can Ron, Can Bill plus 4 spots) Week 3: Nov 2 - 9 (Colorado Chris, Italy John plus 4 spots) Week 4: Nov 9 - 16 (Colorado Chris, Italy John plus 4 spots)

Pictured are a few of my better finds from the hunt. These include 12 mostly medieval hammered silver coins and a 1762 George III gold coin made into a love token!

Happy Huntin'

Sal (aka mudslideslim and louisiana sal)


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