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Fall Virginia History Hunts Kick Off with a Bang!

The boys hit two of the new farms on day one of the first hunt of Fall 2013 and tore it up on both! Highlights were: 3 Confederate Buttons, 2 Colonial Coins and a beautiful 1841 Seated Liberty Half Dime!!! Lots of other Civil War relics including other buttons and bullets were dug by all. Top Dogs for the day were Washington Tom with a CSA Virginia Officers Button, Maryland Scott with a CSA Infantry Button, Washington Jake with the half dime and great condition 1773 Virginia Half Penny and North Carolina Tim with a CSA Virginia Button. What a freaking amazing take for the day! We're about to kick off the second Fall hunt this weekend.

Here are a few pics of one of our farms and some of the better goodies found on day 1 last weekend:


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