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Fall 2013 England History Hunt Summation

UK History Hunt - Fall 2013 - What a blast we had over the past month! Thanks to all of the great hunters that joined in on the adventure and made it as successful as it was. Also need to recognize my better half, Ashley for tagging along and having great hot meals ready for us every night when we came in from the field. Colorado Chris was a real trooper - sticking with us the entire time and being a great asset. Here are the find stats: - Hammered Silver Coins: 75 - Hammered Medieval Gold Coins: 1 - Celtic Gold Coins: 3 - Celtic Bronze Coins: 1 - Other Gold Artifacts: 1 (18th Century Solid Gold Thimble) - Other Silver Artifacts: 4 (annular brooch, clan ring, "Fere God" ring, Tudor fretwork button) - Other Artifacts: 2 (Heraldic Shield Pendant, Bronze Age Socketed Axe Head Tip) - Seal Matrix: 4 (2 of which were Silver) - Roman Coins: 21 (1 of which was Silver) - Milled Silver Coins: 50 - Possible Treasure Items: 9 We had a great variety of quality finds with most guys picking up something really neat. Gotta love hunting in England. See y'all in the Spring! HH Sal


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