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History Hunt England March 2014 Summary

We had an absolute blast this go round! The weather and fields were VERY kind to our team. We had a great group of metal detectorists that all brought something to the table. Thanks to the team - without y'all the last two weeks would not have been as successful as they were.

March 1 -15 2014 Col Chris, Mich Chris, Mo Brandon, Italy John Cal Dan, Mich Dave - it was a pleasure hunting alongside you boys. Here were the highlights: • 56 Hammered Silver Coins • 3 Roman Silver Coins • 15 Roman Bronze Coins • 1 Gallo Belgic Celtic Gold Stater • 1 19th Century High Carat Gold Ring • 3 Silver Treasure Items • 8 Milled Silver Coins • 1 Bronze Roman Votive Statue • 1 Fibular Brooch • and loads of other goodies Gotta love it! Best of luck to the rest of the teams this Spring - that gold record will be blown out of the water. hh slim

Below are just some of our better finds for the two weeks of metal detecting in the UK.


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