Deep South Hunt Recap

Instead of the Deep South Hunt, this year we considered calling this the Deep Freeze History Hunt. It was frigid. This team had a tough start with frozen ground and temps in the teens on the first day. They didn't let it get them down, though, as was evidenced by the amazing finds that surfaced over the weekend. These pictures represent just a sample of our discoveries. Highlights included Native American artifacts, early silver coins, Civil War buttons and bullets, early glass trade beads, a gold ring, colonial buttons, and much more. Everyone on the team did their part and we all had a blast. Hope y'all enjoy the pics.

Spanish 2 Reale possibly used as Native American decoration

A day's discoveries.

Close up of a few surface finds

Large portion of a slate gorget.

Eye-balled trade bead. This one is known as a Russian Blue (circa 1800)

Star button device found on same site as half dime.

Trade bead in situ. Finger photo bomb.

Colonial homesite foundation finds. Bone, mother-of-pearl, and porcelain buttons plus other household items.

Rob turned 25 on this hunt. We celebrated with a Minie' Ball cake.

1840 O Half Dime Obverse and Reverse

Fine assortment of Native American artifacts surface-collected one afternoon.

Sal's mini Celt and bladelet.

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