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England Spring 2015: It WAS a treasure hunt.

Sometimes we refer to our great hobby as treasure hunting, but rarely do we find anything that would truly be classified as treasure. Our last tour of metal detecting in England was the exception to that rule in a big way! Over the course of two weeks our small crew was able to find over one hundred coins and artifacts dating from before Christ though to the 1800s. Included were Roman bronze and silver coins and artifacts, early medieval silver coins and ancient gold coins and jewelry.

The highlights were five Anglo Saxon silver pennies dating from around 600-1000AD (found by Rory and Drew), as well as the five gold items. These included a beautiful gold Roman coin dating to around 500AD (found by Gary), two Celtic gold coins dating from around the time of Christ (found by Rory and Steve), an intricate gold button with some garnets still contained within it (dating from Anglo Saxon times - found by Gary), and last but not least, a stunning Anglo Saxon pendant made from a Dutch gold coin dating back to the 7th Century (also found by Rory). As you can see, Rory made some major finds. He was like a gold and Saxon magnet in the final days of our two weeks across the pond. Gary didn't do too bad, either, with those fantastic gold finds.

These are some serious treasures folks! It was a thrill to see our hunters make each of these “lifetime finds.” The pictures below offer just a taste of what we found during the hunt. We are going back in the Fall and have a few spaces available so let us know if you’d like to learn more about joining in the fun:

Note: These finds are all currently going through the exportation process following the Treasure Act. We hunted dozens of different fields and recorded the location of each important recovery.

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