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Deep South 2016

This year's Deep South Hunt was the first of the 2016 season. We had a blast and the team stayed positive through the cold weather and came out with some real goodies.

In order left to right - 1850s Egyptian revival unidentified cast brass piece, civil war eagle coat button, pre civil war silver washed eagle infantry coat button, Native American blades of local chert, 1826 large cent, 1845 large cent, queen Victoria coronation pin, Southern style sword hanger, Hall marked silver knife handle, half of brass Colt .36 bullet mold.

1830 bust half dime, 1841-O seated Liberty half dime, 1853-O seated Liberty half dime, 1803 Spanish silver Mexico City mint half reale, 1860-O seated Liberty half dime, , assortment of woodland to archaic Native American lithics, French flint for flintlock musket and assortment of 17-1800s glass trade beads. What a hunt!


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