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England Spring 2016 Recap

We hopped the pond once again in late February and stuck around for two weeks to metal detect some favorite fields. Our groups did not dissapoint. Fourteen days of detecting produced some phenomenal finds for our History Hunters. Ashley found her first gold ever (an 1823 high-carat ring) and our groups popped up Celtic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, Tudor, and more modern treasures and artifacts. All treasures are being reported to the British Museum.

We had the pleasure of being hosted by the Colchester Castle Museum for a special reception. It was a treat to tour their extensive collection, which showcases many finds made by club members, and to understand how their curators work to make area history available to visitors.

Check out these pics of some of the top finds. There were way too many goodies to include them all, which is a wonderful problem to have! Noteworthy but not pictured here are a silver Roman coin featuring two emperors (found by Mass Mike), a lead papal seal (found by CT Pat), a child's thin gold ring (found by Ny Gene), and a Saxon stirrup mount (found by Mass Scott). Thanks to all our group members for attending.

Gold 10 to 40 AD Cunobelin quarter stater found by Wisconsin Steve.

Hammered gold 1300s Edward III quarter noble found by New York Gene. This "tacoed" coin with straighten out nicely.

Milled gold 1800 George III, 3rd Guinea found by NH Bob.

One of four separate Anglo Saxon silver penny fragments found by Alberta Rory and Sal. This one is identified as a 1023 Anglo Saxon King Cnut Silver penny.

Anglo Saxon zoomorphic stirrup mount found by CT Jessie.

Ancient bronze cross with gold pins found by CT Todd.

Celtic Silver 10 to 40 AD Cunobelin coin found by Wisconsin Steve.

Ontario Mike found a gold Tudor jewelry piece in the shape of a key.

The stunning Tudor jewelry key piece fresh out the ground.

Pieces of gold slag found by VT Henry and CT Todd.

History Hunters got a sneak peek at a new collection the Colchester Castle Museum is preparing to exhibit.

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