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January - April 2017 Detecting Recap

2017 has been a great year so far! We've held off on posting recaps because we've been so busy, but we know you want to see what our History Hunters have been up to.

Above, during our Deep South History Hunt, the team braved frigid temperatures and rain for a six-day hunt spanning across two great states in the Deep South. Notable finds included: a HUGE colonial silver coin - 1834 five Francs, a rare pre-Civil War Voltiguer eagle button, a plantation token, and many early Archaic to Historic era Native American artifacts.

All artifacts recovered are documented and cataloged by where they were found. In regards to the majority of the Native American discoveries made during this outing, a report was made and distributed to aid in future research.

Our March England outing was a trophy hunt for sure. Among the top finds were a very rare Cunobelin Celtic silver unit, a mint late Roman silver coin, a beautiful Victorian gold ring, a large Anglo Saxon mount, Roman fibula brooches, a Templar Jerusalem cross badge, a James II silver shilling, and an Addedomarus Celtic gold quarter stater from 45 BC!

In addition, the group found a number of hammered silver coins dating back to the 1100s and quite a few Roman bronze coins dating back to the 300s. History Hunts will be returning to those historic fields for another 10-day tour this summer with Ashley at the helm. Stay tuned!

Our Spring Virginia History Hunters racked up some amazing discoveries.

Some of these were:

· Five colonial Spanish silver coins including a late 1600s half reale cob

· Two early silver quarters – 1893 Barber and 1853 Seated

· Two early Virginia buttons – 1-piece coat and 2-piece cuff

· Solid gold Victorian button and solid silver Victorian brooch

· North Carolina Confederate local coat button

· Solid gold 1833 identification badge

· 1700s Clipped corner cast brass military cross belt plate

In addition the six-man group found quite a few colonial and Civil War artifacts over our eight days of hunting on numerous privately leased farms. That’s it for the Spring. It’s about time to take the hunt underwater for shipwreck artifacts!

Happy Hunting,

Sal & Ashley

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