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Deep South Hunt #1 Highlights

This Deep South hunt was one for the record books. For the first time in a long time the weather was very kind to us. This small group of seasoned hunters discovered more silver than we ever have in over ten years of History Hunts. Way to go team! The quality of the Civil War relics was up there as well.

Explanation of notable finds: ten Antebellum silver coins including dimes, half dimes, a three cent piece, a one reale and a rare quarter reale; rare planation token; half cent; over ten military buttons including some Union eagles in great condition and a small sized P. Tait and Limerick Confederate Infantry; several Native American pieces such as spearpoints and a beautiful polished celt; and three artillery fuse adaptors. In addition to these finds there were over ten post-Civil War silver coins discovered including several Barbers and quite a number of dropped and fired Civil War 3-ringers and other bullets. What a hunt!

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