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Virginia History Hunt - Early Spring 2019

Three long time History Hunt veterans came together for four days on what would become a very memorable adventure. The weather was cold and very wet but this hardcore bunch didn’t let that slow them down a bit.

Some of the top finds are pictured. These include: 5 pre-Civil War one-piece Artillery and Navy buttons; 2 silver three cent pieces; a Seated Liberty dime, two Indian head pennies, 4 large cents with dates ranging from 1816-1840; a key date 1885 V-nickel; a rare Norfolk Military Academy Civil War era button; an Civil War Union Eagle Infantry overcoat button; numerous 1600s buckles; a North Carolina Confederate coat button; a lined block A Confederate Artillery button face; both portions of a Confederate style imported knapsack hook; a large 1600s fleur-de-lis mount; a full crotal bell and a 1700s cut Spanish silver 2 Reale coin. Quite a few other Civil War bullets, buttons and colonial relics were also found. What a hunt!

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