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June 2019 Texas Ancient History Hunt Highlights

This past June a small group of History Hunters braved the Texas heat for a short artifact dig. The site had the remnants of an ancient Native American campsite that was accidentally discovered while large equipment was excavating and hauling out dirt to be used as construction fill in a nearby project. It was just be a matter of time before the entire site would be lost. With that in mind we decided to organize the outing in the Summer rather than during a more pleasant season. Our group discovered more than 100 complete projectile points and artifacts ranging from nearly 10,000 years old to Historic times. Highlights included an almost four-inch-long Novaculite spearpoint, a rare fluted San Patrice point, several rare Friley arrowheads, several Evan points dating from the Poverty Point culture period and a beautifully crafted hardstone rectangular gorget with 2.5 holes. It was a blast to see so much history come to light. Everything was documented and photographed. Only a portion of the discoveries are pictured here.

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