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November 2019 Virginia History Hunt Highlights

The November Virginia History Hunt was three days of great weather and one day of cold wet sleet and snow. That said the team hunted hard and discovered artifacts and old coins on each of the four days. These included Union and Confederate Civil War bullets (only some of which are pictured); flat buttons and button backs; several 1600s buckles and mounts; and other miscellaneous bits. Some of the better coin discoveries were a 1775 Spanish silver one reale; a cut Spanish silver pistereen; two large cents, a well-worn colonial copper and a few Indian Head pennies including one dated 1864. Other interesting finds included a Confederate rectangular sheet brass belt plate with evidence on the back of where the attachment hooks once were; colonial whizzer; a very rare example of two Minie’ balls fired from the musket at the same time(These were discovered in the same hole still attached. This double load apparently hit something soft before coming to rest in the ground.); a Union eagle infantry coat button; an early silver ring; and a large pocket watch key made from brass and a faceted glass bead.

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