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December 2019 Virginia History Hunt Highlights

The December Virginia History Hunt produced some quality artifacts. Weather ranged from 70 and rainy to 25 and sunny but the team hunted hard and discovered goodies on each of the four days. These included Union and Confederate Civil War bullets (a few of which are pictured); one and two piece buttons (one Union Eagle coat); a Confederate spur; numerous period coins; a plow bent Union eagle breastplate; two nearly complete Native American spearpoints; several 18th Century strap guides and small buckles; a large Eighteenth Century colonial trade weight marked with Roman number “VI”; Civil War era canteen spout with maker marks and carved initial; and other miscellaneous bits. Some of the better coin discoveries were two cut Spanish Colonial silver coins from the 18th Century; a cut Colonial Portuguese Silver Coin from the reign of Peter II; a large cent with unusual traces of silver plating; and a few Indian Head pennies. Hope everyone has a Happy Hunting Holidays!

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