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Hunt for the Red Owl 2 - Highlights

Four members from the History Hunt Club recently spent three days surface hunting for ancient Native American artifacts. These were found in plowed fields on a large private farm and each significant discovery was photographed and recorded with GPS. The past several months had dropped massive amounts of rain and caused much new erosion. This was good for exposing remnants of the past. The only bad thing was having to clean our boots off every ten or so steps. Not doing so would quickly lead to very heavy boots! The discoveries ranged from thousands of years ago all the way to the mid Nineteenth Century. Everything you see pictured was found with eyes only - even the metal artifacts! Pictured are some of the better finds. These include Archaic projectile points and blades; historic true arrowheads also known as bird points; Civil War Minie' balls; an 1841-O silver half dime; a potential Poverty Point Culture boat stone; a Poverty Point Culture hematite plummet also known as a net weight; a "Padre" type trade bead - traded to the Caddo culture; and lots of loess clay cooking balls also known as PPOs. These fields were scheduled to be re-plowed very soon and many of the recently exposed artifacts we recovered and recorded would have been damaged had they been there during the plow. This is especially true of the clay cooking balls which are very fragile. Well done club!

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