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December 2021 Louisiana Civil War Club Metal Detecting Outing

Some members of our metal detecting club got together recently to work with an archaeologist on an important project. This was at a site where a Civil War engagement / encampment had once been. It is now being prepared for development, so time was of the essence to rescue as much history and information as possible. We were able to GPS the majority of the artifacts discovered and identified numerous undocumented sites on the property. Hundreds of bullets and Civil War relics were recovered and documented. These included two belt / box plates, a handful of military buttons including one Confederate Infantry button and other camp artifacts. Some early silver coins also surfaced, some with Civil War dates. This outing was a blast and all participants received a nice certificate from the company we were working with. It felt good to work on a meaningful project. The picture only represents a small fraction of what was discovered over the two-day outing!


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