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December 2022 / January 2023 Louisiana Civil War Outings

2023 has been very busy! Our club had another amazing opportunity to assist in an archeological survey on a Civil War battlefield that is planned for development. We did this over the course of two different weekend sessions. Each time a small group assembled to rescue and document as much history as possible.

The highlight slide is just a tiny portion of our discoveries. A nearly 500-page report is currently being prepared using the data we recorded. This will be the full account of our survey work. I will see to it that everyone that took part in this receives a copy. Just to give you an idea of the scale of this survey, over the course of these two weekend outings we recorded over 700 relevant artifacts, with over 200 Minie' balls alone! That was quite a bit of digging.

Included in the highlights were Union and Confederate buttons, including the local Louisiana shown; Seated Liberty coinage; a couple half reales; a US belt plate - damaged; most of a shoulder scale; an early silver signet ring; a beautiful religious medallion, Union and Confederate dropped and fired bullets of many different types and much more. The group picture doesn't include everyone that participated but a good portion of the group.

What a great hobby we enjoy!


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