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Diggerpaloosa 1 Metal Detecting Outing Highlights!

The first Diggerpaloosa metal detecting rally took place about a week ago. 85 participants gathered for two days on a very large property with lots of history. The weather was beautiful albeit a bit hot. Lots of Colonial and Civil War discoveries were made. Seemed like nearly everyone found at least a little assortment of goodies. The finds lists are still coming in and I was not able to get around to everyone to take pictures but below are a few of the top finds hunters showed me. Other things I saw but did not include in the pictures here were, lots of dropped and fired Civil War bullets, several Civil War bayonets and loads of colonial flat buttons and small buckles. All items pictured below were dug during the hunt. These are early silver and copper coins dating back to the 1700s, Civil War US belt and box plates, Union and Confederate Civil War buttons, trigger guards, possible melted gold or pyrite slag, saber pommel, gold pocket watch bar and a Archaic slate spear point. Thanks for all that made this first event a success. We couldn't have done it without you!

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Nick Barger
Nick Barger
May 29

Had an amazing time!! Beautiful weather, great people, and amazing finds! Thank you Sal for an amazing experience!

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