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Jan - Feb 2022 History Hunt Outing Wrap Ups

The 2022 Deep South History Hunt Series has concluded, and boy was it a good time! Over the past few weeks we have held three short outings with small groups of History Hunters on many different properties with one common goal - to recover physical remnants of our Country's past. Below are some of the discoveries made by the group. These include: Civil War artifacts such as bullets, buttons, bar lead, musket parts, Union Eagle Breastplates and an officer sword pommel; Coins such as half dimes, dimes, trade token, Chinese cash coin and pennies from the mid 1800s; Native American artifacts such as dart points, broken celts, clay cooking balls and a rare red jasper tubular bead from the Poverty Point culture; personal artifacts such as a silver buckle, silver thimble and brass skeleton key; glass trade beads; and an early French Second Regiment button! Enjoy.


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