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March 2022 Virginia Metal Detecting Club Outings II and III

Recently, two teams of six members of the History Hunt Club got together for two different 3-day outings to metal detect on some of the history rich lands of Virginia. The weather was very mild overall, and some great discoveries were made. Pictured are some of the highlights from the outings. These include: Union and Confederate fired and dropped Civil War bullets; Civil War buttons including a rare Confederate cavalry lined-C, Union general staff and Vermont state seal; three Civil War-era musket / rifle barrels - at least one of which being a Confederate Enfield rifle with the other two very likely Confederate also; several coins including two very well preserved large cents; a complete Confederate spur with the rowel still intact; numerous Native American projectile points of quartzite and quartz; and lots of assorted relics from the Civil War or before. Congrats to all the finders. It was a blast digging with you all!


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