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March Virginia Club History Hunt

Last month, two small groups of History Hunt Club members got together to metal detect and relic hunt on several large properties with rich histories. Each of these outings lasted 3 days and the time flew by!

Pictured are some of the highlights from the outings. Included: two Virginia half pennies; Cut 2R Spanish Silver; Seated Liberty dime; Union Rifleman's overcoat button; pre-Civil War 1-piece militia button with heavy silver plating; lots of dropped and fired Civil War bullets including 3-ringers, Enfields, Sharps, Spencers and Williams Cleaners; Exploded Hotchkiss Artillery Shell with Lead Sabot; Colonial artifacts dating back to the late 1600s; Native American artifacts dating back a millennia and much more!

This wrapped up the Spring season for History Hunts Metal Detecting Tours. Stay tuned to our History Hunts Metal Detecting Facebook group for news regarding upcoming metal detecting / relic hunting trips. HH Sal


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