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March Virginia Colonial Hunt Highlights

Seven members of our club spent three days metal detecting and digging on several different farms searching for colonial artifacts. Once again, we were blessed with great weather! We were able to locate several areas with evidence of 1600s occupation. It is a rare and exciting occasion when you discover a site from this period in America. Highlights included: a mid to late 1600s trash pit loaded with oyster shell, tobacco pipe stems and bowls, glass and potsherds; buckles from the 1600s; buttons and mounts ranging from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century; coins including a dated 1664 hammered token that reads “God Save the King” on one side; a 17th century book clasp; hoes, axes, and other iron tools from the 1600s and an archaic Native American spearpoint. Several of the clay pipes were marked with LE and Wil Evans. Both makers were operating in the mid to late 17th century. There was one locally made tidewater clay pipe bowl recovered. All significant discoveries were photographed and documented based on location in order to maintain provenance. Only a few items are pictured below.


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