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March Virginia Colonial Hunt Part 2 Highlights

For three beautiful days a small group of History Hunters metal detected and dug on some very historic private properties. Their efforts yielded some early American colonial discoveries dating back to the mid 17th century! Highlights included: marked lead bale seals; decorative leather mounts; a large decorated harness decoration; musketballs; an early gun flint; a bone handled knife; a small spectacle buckle; a tobacco pipe tamper; several broken bottle fragments; an assortment of 1600s pottery including Westerwald, Belarmine, Delph and Colono ware; and a wide assortment of clay pipe stems and bowls including some of the locally made Chesapeake variety and several attributed to Llewellin Evans, William Evans and Richard Pipper. Additionally, there was one pipe marked "KC" over "VO" which has been given a date range of 1640-1670. Everything discovered was recorded along with location and history of the sites. Each member of the team made some great finds and the outing was a blast.


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