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Mississippi Ghost Town Weekend Wrap Up - OCT 2021

A group of four adventurous History Hunt Club members spent the weekend in a real ghost town just a few weeks before Halloween to metal detect and sift for artifacts from the past. Everyone worked hard and was rewarded with some very interesting bits of this old town's history. The ground was very heavily infested with small old iron bits. This made for a good challenge but the team was up to it. Pictured are some of the items discovered during the two day outing. Included is lots of pre-Civil War pottery and glass fragments, buttons, gun parts including butt plate pieces and a very heavy revolver cylinder, a nice medium sized early dark wound glass trade bead, clay marble, worn small copper coins, keg tap handle, lots of miscellaneous brass and lead bits, several pieces of type set and spacers from the town's 1850s newspaper, Pocket watch parts including a watch winder, Native American worked river cobble chert, small brass and iron buckles of different types and a rare sword belt hanger with a snake motif. This type was used on some of the Confederate sword belt rigs produced by the firm Leech and Rigdon that was also known as Memphis Novelty Works. It is also possible that it was used prior to the Civil War. Either way it was an exciting discovery. Well done to the team. It was a good time!

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