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November 2020 Virginia History Hunt Wrap Up

A few History Hunt Club members recently got together for two back to back three day outings and we had a blast. The weather was beautiful for five out of the six days. Sites ranged from small pastures to big woods and gigantic crop fields. We were on some enormous properties and the teams did a fine job locating hot spots. As a result, a very respectable number of great discoveries were made. The team make up ranged from relative newbie to old veteran detectorist. Everyone found some good stuff - congrats club members!

Not everything is pictured but here are some the highlights from the outing: dropped and fired Civil War bullets including quite a few Confederate; a good number of Civil War buttons including a block I Confederate infantry, a Georgia state seal, an unknown small size droop-winged eagle, and a rare eagle Voltigeurs; lots of good coins including a beautiful quarter cut Spanish Pistereen with a partial date 17**, four Seated Liberty silver half dimes; two 3 cent silver pieces, over 10 large cents, an 1837 Hard Times Token that reads, "Not One Cent", a bust type half reale with most of the date 178*, and a rare Petersburg, VA, hat dealer token; a Civil War cast brass shield saddle ornament; a Civil War saddle shield; a nose cap from an Enfield rifle; loads of flat buttons including a New York Militia and a heavily gold gilded button from 1824 featuring the bust of the national hero, the Marquis de Lafayette.


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