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October 2020 Virginia History Hunt Wrap Up

Recently a small group of History Hunters got together for four days to metal detect some new sites. The weather cooperated for the most part. The sites ranged from small pastures to big woods and gigantic crop fields. Anytime you are scouting a new area you never really know what or how much you're going to find. In light of that, the crew did an excellent job locating a few hot spots and made some great discoveries. The areas we were detecting ranged from mildly mineralized to extremely hot ground. The hot ground was tricky to say the least but some great Civil War artifacts were found. Not everything is pictured but here are the highlights from the outing: dropped and fired Civil War bullets including one swaged base 3-ringer that appears to have been repurposed as a Whitworth bullet and fired; a good number of Civil War buttons including two overcoat eagle infantry buttons and what's likely a local, tinned iron back Confederate infantry or artillery button; several coins including a beautiful quarter cut Spanish Pistereen dated 1719; a Civil War US rosette; part of a Confederate spur; a 1700s flintlock pistol butt plate; two rings - one low carat gold with gemstones; flat buttons, a miner's tag; a silver plated Oklahoma spoon; and several Native American artifacts.


Sites We Like
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