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September 2021 England

Six members of the History Hunt Club just returned from an action-packed 10 day metal detecting adventure tour in Jolly Olde England! The time flew by so we must have been having fun. The ground was a bit dry but the weather was nearly perfect. The team metal detected up to 10 hours a day. The below collages represent only a portion of our top finds. Highlights included a 45BC Celtic Gold Stater, 850BC bronze axe head tip, 1762 gold quarter Guinea made into a love token, quite a number of hammered silver coins dating from the 1100s to the 1500s, Roman bronze coins of various denominations, Roman artifacts and many other goodies too numerous to mention. The team had a great attitude and hunted hard. The detectors of choice were the Minelab Equinox and XP Deus. We are working on another possible trip in March. Enjoy!


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