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Virginia History Hunts - Fall 2023

This Fall we hosted several small groups for short metal detecting outings on the history rich lands of Virginia. The weather and conditions were great for the most part and the discoveries were amazing. We metal detected sites with history spanning from the 1600s through the 1800s. Everyone made some great discoveries. The pictures below are only a portion of the finds. Some of the highlights included; Union and Confederate Civil War bullets, artillery fragment, coins including cut Spanish silver pistereens, early coppers, seated silvers, two cent piece and Indian head pennies, Union and Confederate Civil War buttons including an Eagle "V" and a North Carolina staff officer, 1600s buckles and mounts including a rare, large, thin silver mount depicting a horse and rider (possible bridle rosette), Native American worked stone pieces, mid to late 1600s tobacco pipe stems and bowls - some marked "LE" and one local Chesapeake style bowl, a Virginia hat pin and much more!

Next year will mark History Hunts 15th year hosting metal detecting and relic hunting trips and tours. Hard to believe it's been that long. Time flies....


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