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Late Spring 2015 Virginia Recaps

The last two Virginia History Hunts of the season (April and May) were full of surprises and great relics. We had some fine folks attend these hunts and both new and old sites produced.

Group pic from April

Highlights included a mint set of Andrew Jackson campaign cufflink buttons, a Confederate LeMat revolver bullet, a two-piece Confederate Artillery coat button, a Virginia cuff button, some unknown navy buttons, a Spanish silver half reale, a handful of carved bullets, Eagle buttons and loads of Minie’ balls and Spencer casings. Top dogs were Indiana Kevin in April with his very rare General Jackson cufflink buttons and Maryland Scott in May with his sweet Confederate two piece Artillery coat button.

See y'all again in the fall. We can't wait to return to some of our favorite sites and have some new land lined up, too.

Note: At this time, all Fall 2015 Virginia spots are full. We have openings for our Fall and Spring England tours. Dates are available on the "Hunt Dates" page.

Sites We Like
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